Netgear Nighthawk Troubleshooting

Being a part of the technical world, Nighthawk extenders can fall victim to various issues. What are those issues and how to fix them? This Netgear extender troubleshooting page has talked about the same. Not only this, but here you will also learn how to reset Nighthawk extender to fix a major trouble instantly.

Issue 1: Nighthawk Extender Not Connecting to Internet

Many users have reported that their Netgear WiFi extender is not connecting to the internet. Paying attention to Netgear Nighthawk troubleshooting techniques mentioned below will be helpful in such a case:

nighthawk extender not connecting to internet

1. Bring the Extender within 10ft of Router

Be very sure that the distance between your extender and router is optimal. To be specific, your WiFi extender must not be present more than 10ft away from the main router. If there are physical obstructions present between both devices, this distance should be minimized automatically.

2. Restart the Entire Network System

Check if you’re facing internet connection issues on a specific device or others too. For example, if you cannot use the internet via a mobile phone, then try accessing it on a laptop. If the connection is poor, then get in the range of the extender. If the issue persists, restart your entire network system.

Issue 2: Can’t Connect to

Accessing is important to change the basic as well as advanced settings of the Netgear extender. If you cannot access, then implementing the solutions given below is recommended:

can’t connect to

1. Use the Compatible URL

Ensure that you are using the URL that is compatible with the OS of your laptop. If you try to access on a Mac, then surely you won’t get success. It is because iOS does not support the use of this URL. If you want to change the extender’s settings via Mac, use mywifiext.local.

2. Connect to Netgear_Ext

Secondly, ensure that the computer or laptop is connected to the WiFi network i.e. Netgear_ext of the Nighthawk extender. You will see an error message saying “You are not connected to your extender’s network” if you try to access the URL while being connected to another network. If possible, cable your computer and extender.

Issue 3: Netgear Nighthawk Extender Not Working

Using the internet becomes a daunting task if the Netgear extender fails to work properly even after following the correct steps. Taking the help of the below listed Netgear WiFi extender troubleshooting tips will be useful:

1. Ensure Proper Power Supply

First of all, check the power socket to which your WiFi range extender is connected. It must be in working condition and should be capable of providing a fluctuation-free power supply to the extender. You can use a UPS if your area is a regular victim of random power outages.

2. Create Correct Connections

Ensure that you’ve not connected the cable to the wrong ports of your extender. FYI, the Internet port of the router should be connected to the LAN1 port of your main router. Apart from this, the cable must be non-damaged and should not be flipped from any end. If it is, replace it immediately.

Issue 4: Netgear Extender Keeps Disconnecting

If Netgear Nighthawk keeps disconnecting, then it can stop you from enjoying online services. Here are the Netgear Nighthawk troubleshooting tips to follow:

netgear extender keeps disconnecting

1. Avoid Signal Interference

Keep your WiFi extender away from factors (objects or devices) that emit electromagnetic waves. Know that EM waves can interrupt the signals emitted by the extender causing connectivity issues.

2. Upgrade the Extender’s Firmware

Upgrade the firmware of your range extender by accessing the Netgear Genie wizard. It will not only add new features to your extender but will also improve its security. Therefore, never ignore a firmware update.

So, these were some of the common issues experienced by Nighthawk extender users and their possible solutions. Just in case, you fall victim to a major issue that you can’t even log in to your WiFi extender, reset it to the default settings. Check out the next section to learn how to carry out this ultimate Netgear WiFi extender troubleshooting technique.

How to Reset Nighthawk Extender?

Given below are the steps that you must follow to reset your Netgear WiFi range extender:

  • If your range extender is connected to router or any other device, disconnect it.
  • Ensure that stable power is being supplied to the extender.
  • Now, look for the RESET button on the extender.
  • Push the button with a paper clip or a pin and hold it.
  • Keep the button held for at least 30 seconds.
  • Your extender will start running on the default factory settings.
reset nighthawk extender

A factory reset will make erase all the personalized settings from the extender. Therefore, do not forget to set up the extender after resetting it.

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