Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a Nighthawk WiFi extender work with my existing router?

A. Yes, WiFi extenders brought in by Netgear are “universal” extenders in general. In other words, they are capable of working with a majority of WiFi routers available in the market whether you’ve purchased it separately or it is provided by your ISP.

2. What to do if I am facing trouble logging in to my WiFi range extender?

A. You should consider updating the web browser in use. Apart from this, verify whether you are using the correct URL and the login password to log in to your Nighthawk WiFi range extender.

3. Is it important to update the firmware of Nighthawk extender?

A. Yes, updating the extender’s firmware is of great importance. By updating the firmware, you provide your WiFi extender the opportunity to run on the latest features. Besides, the security of your WiFi extender is improved.

4. How do I log in to my Nighthawk WiFi range extender?

A. To log in to your range extender, visit or and enter the extender’s credentials on the login window. Click the Log In button after that. However, if the process is being carried out via an iOS device, use the mywifiext.local URL.

5. What are the default user name and password to log in to Nighthawk range extender?

A. By default, the following information can be used to log in to your wireless range extender:

Username: admin
Password: password

6. Why I can’t see Netgear Genie even after being connected to Netgear_ext?

A. Verify that your computer is set up to use DHCP instead of the static IP. Secondly, be certain that the WiFi light on your range extender is green. In addition to this, you are supposed to use a valid IP address.

7. Why is my Nighthawk WiFi extender not connecting to router?

A. It might be happening because your extender is either not placed in the range of the router or you’ve placed these devices too close. Whatever the situation is, your extender is not supposed to be placed more than 10ft away from the main router.

8. What to do if WiFi extender disconnects out of nowhere when connecting to the main router during the setup process?

A. In that case, you should try to change the WiFi settings of the main router. You might also try re-flashing the firmware of the router and the range extender. Furthermore, ensure that the extender gets a fluctuation-free power supply.

9. Can I add more than one WiFi extender to my home network?

A. Yes, you are free to have more than one extender connection to your WiFi router’s network. But, you must not daisy chain the additional range extenders. The reason is that daisy chaining is not supported officially, and doing so will affect the outputs delivered by the second extender.

10. Why is my Nighthawk extender not connecting to internet?

A. It is because the extender is not sharing a stable connection with the WiFi router. Perhaps, the LAN cable joining them is damaged or you have connected both devices through the incorrect ports. Make amends right away.

11. My WiFi extender password is not working. What to do?

A. If the login password of your WiFi range extender is not working, then you should check the password entrée and re-enter it. If the problem persists, reset the extender by pressing and holding the RESET button for 10-15 seconds.

12. Why am I not able to access

A. Maybe you are entering the web URL into the search bar of the web browser. The chances are also that you are trying to use on Mac. You must use the mywifiext.local address while accessing the extender’s settings on Mac.

13. Why is my Netgear extender flashing red?

A. It might be because of a network glitch. To fix the same, consider power cycling the entire network. So, unplug your devices in this sequence modem > router > extender. Wait for 10 minutes and replug them in the same sequence.

14. I am getting Nighthawk extender not found error. Help!

A. This error pops up when you are trying to access the extender via the Nighthawk app. In this case, you must ensure that your mobile is connected to Netgear_ext and cellular data is disabled.

15. How to connect to Nighthawk extender?

A. To connect to Nighthawk extender, open WiFi settings on your client device and locate Netgear_ext. Select the network and enter the WiFi password. Choose Connect to complete the connection process.

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